Make Something: The Simple Bookshelf

A house isn’t a home without books. A well-known maxim, and something that certainly holds true in my life. If you took the sum total value of of all my possessions, books would certainly make it into the Top 5 things which constitute my current net worth.

The big problem with having so many books before you have settling in a permanent residence (aside from moving them) is storing your tomes when you are low on cash, and can’t afford to buy nice shelves to house them.

When I was growing up, there were always a multitude of books in the house. In fact, I remember having to search a different bookshelf in virtually every room of the house in order to find a summer reading book. Aside from the bookshelf which constituted one wall of the house, the bookshelf that sticks out in my mind is the simplest and most transitory shelf in the house. A shelf made up of three 2-by-6 boards and six cinderblocks. This simple shelf moved from the second-story “computer room” to the ground floor “office,” and it never seemed out of place or inadequate.

The only tool needed for this job is a car to take you to your local hardware store. Ask the employees to cut you three 2-by-6 boards of equal length (how long is up to you), and grab  a cart so you can haul six cinder blocks out to your car. From there, construction is just like playing with blocks or Lincoln Logs! Place one board on the floor, space three blocks equally along the board and repeat! Congratulations! You now have a versatile, rustic, and utilitarian bookshelf! Start making your house feel more like a home by placing all those wonderful novels, textbooks, compilations, how-tos, and other items of interest on your newest finished project.

PS-If you want to give your bookshelf a little bit of a “professional” touch, pick a stain of your choice while you are at the hardware store. If you want an even more intentional look, check out this take on the Cinder Block Bookshelf.


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