Molehills, Not Mountains: Cleaning the Bathroom

Of all the household cleaning tasks, none seem as scary and unpleasant as cleaning the bathroom. Let’s face it, the bathroom is gross. The bathroom is where you go to scrub, brush, spit, exfoliate, and generally cleanse yourself. That means all of the…um…byproducts…spend their time in the bathroom. Well, I’m here to give you some tips on how to keep bathroom cleaning a molehill instead of a mountain!

Number 1: Clean it weekly!

If the grossness of the bathroom is the things which makes it such a mountain of a chore, cleaning it weekly will greatly reduce the amount of crud which accumulates. A weekly scrub down of the bathroom is the easiest way of keeping this task a small one. If you don’t want to dirty your weekend with this work, take an hour after work one day during the week to clean.

Number 2: Have a system!

As with any task, having a plan of attack will go a long way in making the task less of a burden. I always start by taking everything off of all the surfaces I’m going to be cleaning. Now everything is ready to be sprayed and scrubbed. I like using a product that does a little work on its own. I can spray everything down, and as I work my way from the shower to sink, layers of gunk are being softened up for the coarse side of the sponge. Just like when you rake the leaves or shovel your walk way, having a system lets you know where you have been, and where you still need to go. I always start with the shower, and work my way to the door. Last in my routine is to sweep and clean the floor.

Number 3: Get your groove (or podcast) on!

Turn up the tunes, or find a podcast you have been waiting to hear! You’re going to be spending a decent amount of time sweeping, scrubbing, wiping, and restocking the bathroom. You might as well make some good use of the time, or dance around while you do it.

There it is, short and sweet! Keep this mountain of a chore a mole hill so you can give your time and energy to more pursuits of being a Renaissance Human!


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