9 TED Talks to inspire smart conversation

One thing about always being ready to learn is also always being ready to have an interesting conversation. Forget the perfunctory conversation starters which we often find ourselves using to create small talk, and dive into some serious (and not so serious) ideas. Conversation is as good a way to learn as any, so let’s start using it more!

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No one really wants to talk about the weather. Inspired by TED Talks, here are some questionsto start a better conversation inany situation.

“So, what’s your favorite word?”

Who to ask: The chatty person who’s sharing an outlet with you at the coffee shop
The basic idea: Dictionaries don’t compile themselves — linguistic sleuths called lexicographers do — and in order to keep the modern dictionary accurate and dynamic, they need be open to new words and formats. They also need your help.
Fun facts you’ll learn: How lexicography is like archaeology; why there’s no such thing as a “bad” word; and the definition of “erinaceous” (hint: it involves hedgehogs). Scoot to 3:58 for that.

“If you could choose a sixth sense, what would it be?”

When to ask: Around the dinner table, just before dessert
The basic idea: Human perception is limited to information our five senses are able…

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